Curious about what collaborating with us might mean for you and your farm or company? Here are a few testimonials and stories of succesful collaborations.

holly that looks like boxwood in a pot

High-performing Ilex crenata varieties for every garden

General 26/05/2021


dakmoestuin met groenten en naamplaatjes per gewas
The Ghent rooftop vegetable garden organisation ROOF FOOD, a pioneer in urban agriculture, called on ILVO to make their operations even more sustainable.
General 16/02/2021

Pathogen-free Belgian pear

pathogen-free Belgian pear
Since 2013, ILVO has facilitated the export of pears to new markets by performing the necessary analyses of bacteria and insects.
General 12/02/2020

Alternative compact plants

Twee potten met Osteospermum, groene bladeren en witte bloemen. De rechtse plant is duidelijk compacter.
"ILVO supports our breeding research into compact plants. Without ILVO, such research would be very difficult and financially impossible." - Rudy Raes (Rudy Raes Bloemzaden N.V.)
General 30/11/2018

Rubber dandelion as a local rubber source

Rubber dandelion
"We strongly believe in the potential of rubber from the rubber dandelion and therefore continue to invest in the crop. Together with ILVO we are committed to the further optimization of the cultivati...